The Little Helper

The Little Helper can't reach the top shelf, but that won't stop them from surprising you with breakfast. This little one is always climbing up on the stool to help you with the baking,  or surprising you with breakfast in bed on your birthday. They're a constant source of fun, curiosity, and excitement about food. The best part? Seeing their faces shine after they learn something new in the kitchen, or try a different taste for the first time.



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Our all-star Little Helper is Caleb Dinner-David. Read more about Caleb and what makes him a Little Helper.

1. Do you like to help your parents in the kitchen? What's your favourite thing to cook with them?
I like to make sushi with my mom and help roll it up. I also like making soup. My favourite soup is the red lentil soup from The Stop's Good Food for All cookbook. I measure the lentils and the water and pour them in. I also help my dad by eating the sourdough waffles he makes on the weekend :)

2. What's something new you learned in the kitchen recently?
This weekend my dad taught my grandfather to bake sourdough bread. I learned you can slice it across the top with a razor blade so it will rise properly!

3. Why do you think everyone should access to healthy food?
Healthy food is nicer and better for people. If people don't have healthy food then they can get sick and don't feel well.