The Gatherer

From potlucks to parties, the Gatherer’s superpower is bringing people together around the table. From low-key hangouts to the most epic of holiday meals, you never want to miss one of their get-togethers, as it’s sure to be filled with the most heartwarming food and friends. And don’t forget the cheese plate: the Gatherer is always sure to have one at the ready even in the most spontaneous of occasions.



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Our all-star Gatherer is Nouman Ashraf. Read more about Nouman and what makes him a Gatherer.

1. What makes a good Gatherer? What do you love about gathering people together around good food?
To me, you build community by sharing, and food is the ultimate universal currency of engagement. In a hyper virtually-connected — yet increasingly personally isolated  world, taking the effort to offer and to share food is an act of community building. That’s why I love gathering and sharing.
2. Is there Gatherer in your life that you think of fondly? Who are they, and what's special about them?
There have been several! One who sticks out is a former boss of mine, Jan Nolan, who would make our weekly staff meetings an event to look forward to by delighting us with treats from her favourite places in the city. Furthermore, we always celebrated each other's festivities and cultural celebrations through food.
3. Why is it important for you to support an organization that uses food as a tool to increase physical and mental health and community belonging? What about this approach resonates with you?
While we can all make incremental changes within our respective domains of influence as individuals, sustainable, meaningful change requires collective action, and that is why I support organizations like Community Food Centres Canada.