The Caretaker

The Caretaker knows which meals to pair with all of life's milestones. Always dependable in a crisis, they’ll make sure you have chicken soup when you’re sick, casseroles when you have a new baby, and pizza when you’ve just moved into a new home. They truly know that nothing shows you care more than a warm meal and a smile.



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Our all-star Caretaker is Mam Joof. Read more about Mam and why being a Caretaker is so important to her.

1. Being a Caretaker is all about marking life's best or most difficult moments with food, and connecting with people in the rawest of moments. What do you think is special about that? 
I’ve always had a nurturing personality and being a Caretaker comes naturally from that. We’ve all had some tough times and happy ones too, but the memories that always stand out to me is the food that was shared with those around me. I realized at a young age I loved taking care of people and food was my vehicle to do just that. My go-to food is any kind of stew, especially in the cold months.
2. Is there another Caretaker in your life that's showed you kindness in a time of celebration or need? Who are they, and what's special about them?
My mum is the real Caretaker in my life. Although she lives far away in Gambia, when we talk on the phone our shared memories have a lot to do with the food we ate, the people around us, and the emotions we felt. When we see each other, we make up for lost times, which always involves her cooking up a storm of some of my favourite dishes and inviting the neighbourhood to share in the feast. Even in tough times she finds the energy to take care of everyone. 
3. Why is it important for you to support an organization that uses food as a tool to increase physical and mental health and community belonging? What about this approach resonates with you?
A sense of belonging is an important part of being a human, but too many people struggle to feel connected. I come from a culture where the community feeds and supports each other and that’s why supporting Community Food Centres Canada makes sense to me. I think we all agree that food brings people together and this is why Community Food Centres play a vital role in our society. People gather, learn from each other, and support both the physical and mental health of their community members while eating delicious and nutritious meals.