Sarah Hillyer on her food hero

My father is #myfoodhero. He had a disrupted childhood, and family time for him was an unheard of concept in those post-war years in the UK. As his children were growing up, he made sure we never took it for granted that a meal together was normal. That often included laying a tablecloth, lighting candles, and my brother the comedian making us laugh until we ached. Meals were a celebration of being together, however simple the menu. 

My family's move across the Atlantic has prevented us getting together with my parents as often as we all would like, but as I laid the table last night to celebrate the homecoming of my children, and I lit the candles — I thought of my Dad who taught me the joy of celebrating together over a meal. Thanks Dad. 

- Sarah Hillyer is Development Manager, Major Gifts, at Community Food Centres Canada. 

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