Dr. Danielle Martin on her food hero

Dr. Danielle Martin, Good Food Champion and Vice President of Medical Affairs & Health System Solutions at Women’s College Hospital, writes about her food hero, Dawn Woodward, and why she is donating to Community Food Centres Canada this holiday season.

1.    Who's the food hero in your life?

 My friend Dawn Woodward, Founder of Evelyn’s Crackers, a trailblazing advocate for local, whole grain artisanal baking.

2.    How does she show she cares through food?

Every item that comes out of that bakery was made by hand, with love and passion for the local food movement, using whole grains farmed in Ontario.

3.    What's your fondest food memory of them?

I have a photo of Dawn and her chef husband Ed standing behind a mountain of the world’s most delicious homemade blueberry whole grain poptarts and madeleines at the blueberry festival at the Brickworks last summer. The photo makes you want to dive in and eat the whole table.

4.    Why is it important for you to support an organization that uses food as a tool to increase physical and mental health + community belonging? What about this approach resonates with you?

Food is so much more than just physical sustenance. It’s a vehicle for community-building, for pleasure, and for dignity. The work of CFCC supports health in its broadest definition, which is what I want to support for myself, my loved ones, and my community.

Thanks to Danielle for making a donation to the #myfoodhero campaign, which supports Community Food Centres Canada to offer empowering food programs that build better health, skills, and belonging in the communities that need it most. Join Danielle by making a donation today!



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