Bronwyn Whyte on her food hero

#Myfoodhero is my Dad, Ron.

It was my Dad that took on the role of cooking for me, my sister, brother and mom every night when I was younger, except of course on Friday pizza night when he was off duty. At the beginning of each week he would carefully craft a menu and shopping list by sifting through what seemed like hundreds of cookbooks ranging from Julia Child to the set of mini cookbooks we got for free at our local gas station. He was after a line-up of good, solid dinners.

Every night he would follow his pre-selected recipe and cook us dinner. He was certainly adventurous in his meal selections though he wasn’t much for improvising with ingredients. He always had the exact ingredients on hand, which made for a fridge full of mostly condiments for the majority of my childhood. When he’d set the meal down on our kitchen table he’d wait patiently for our reaction. He was eager to know if he’d pleased us with his efforts. If too much time passed, he’d prompt us by saying, ”Mmmm, isn’t this good?” “Yeah Dad…it’s good,” we’d say. It always was, though I can remember a few meals that we collectively exiled.

My Dad isn’t the flashiest or most creative person in a kitchen. He makes mistakes (like serving far too many frittatas in my lifetime) and he hands-down takes the prize for making the biggest mess in a kitchen with his unique ability of using every single utensil possible. Some might even question why he would be #myfoodhero. But he’s my food hero for the simple fact that almost daily he used food to show his love for me and the rest of my family. It wasn’t until I was older and began cooking for others that I understood this. Now, as I sit down for dinner with my own family, I see what my Dad was trying to do and the commitment he made daily to doing it — not only nourishing his family but to showing us the power of cooking a meal from scratch and sitting down together to enjoy it. It was my Dad that gave me the confidence to cook and a passion for food. This has been defining for me. I wish I had known back then what I know now because I would have given him a better reaction to his probing, “Mmm, isn’t this good?” mealtime question. Thanks Dad!

This holiday season, I'm celebrating my Dad as #myfoodhero by giving a donation to CFCC to support their work in bringing people together around good food. 

- Bronwyn Whyte is Program Manager at Community Food Centres Canada. 

Thanks to Bronwyn for making a donation to the #myfoodhero campaign, which supports Community Food Centres Canada to offer empowering food programs that build better health, skills, and belonging in the communities that need it most. Join Bronwyn by making a donation today!



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