Thank you to everyone who donated to our 2016 #myfoodhero campaign! Your support  will help build more  vibrant spaces for healthy food in low-income communities  across Canada.

You use food to show you care. So do we

This holiday season, we're celebrating the food heroes in our lives, and inviting you to do the same. 
In November and December, show your food hero you care by making a donation to Community Food Centres Canada on their behalf. We'll let them know you're thinking of them with a personalized card and gift booklet filled with recipes and stories from our favourite chefs. Together, you'll be proud to know you're helping us reach tens of thousands of low-income Canadians with empowering food programs that build better health, hope, and belonging. 

Everyone has a food hero: from the grandmas who spoil their grand-kids with treats, to the dads who teach their sons how to make the best scrambled eggs, to the friends who are always bringing people together for unforgettable dinners, to the people who work tirelessly to make sure everyone has access to healthy food. Celebrate the loved ones who make your days, nights, and holidays more special with good food with a donation that can make sure more low-income Canadians can access the healthy food they need.



The impact your gift can have

Too many of our fellow Canadians can't afford a healthy meal, feel cut off from their community, and think their voice doesn't matter. We live in a wealthy country, yet more than four million Canadians are food insecure, unsure of where their next meal is coming from, or skipping meals so their kids can eat. People living on low incomes suffer more from poor mental health, and feel hopeless and isolated from their communities. It takes a toll on their physical health, too: people who are food insecure suffer are more likely to suffer from diet-related illnesses like type 2 diabetes, and other serious chronic conditions. 

People who live in low-income communities are facing a health crisis. But it doesn't have to be that way.  

At Community Food Centres Canada, we build and support vibrant, welcoming spaces in low-income neighbourhoods where people can share a great meal, learn cooking and gardening skills, make new friends — and know that someone cares about them. In 2016, we and our partners reached more than 31,000 Canadians with healthy, empowering food programs that build better health, hope and belonging. Because no one should ever feel alone or ashamed when they can’t afford food. 

Our goal is to use the power of food as a pathway to physical health and social well-being, and to work toward a Canada where everyone has the right to good food.  We need your help to keep this work going. It matters now because every Canadian should be able to access enough food for a healthy life, the skills and knowledge to prepare it, and a voice on the issues that affect them. Don't you agree? 

The reach

  • 31,000 community members reached
  • 110,000 healthy meals served
  • 1,250 food skills program sessions offered
  • 1,050 community action sessions offered

The change

  • 93% of people surveyed say their Community Food Centre is an important source of healthy food
  • 69% are eating more fruits and vegetables
  • 52% have noticed improvements in their physical health
  • 92% feel they belong to a community at their Community Food Centre

A growing movement

  • 100 partner organizations in 56 cities
  • 20,000+ people attended community good food events
  • 100,000s of people reached with a new conversation about how the power of good food can be a catalyst for individual and social change

Every donation counts. With your help, we can  have a greater impact on more lives in 2017.  



Our food heroes

Volunteers and staff at Community Food Centres across the country work tirelessly every day to create welcoming, dignified spaces where people can come together around good food. 
Watch the stories of some of our local food heroes. 


Your food heroes

We asked some of our friends and supporters to tell us about the food heroes in their lives, and why they're making a donation to Community Food Centres Canada this holiday season. Read their stories, then help us spread the word about the campaign by sharing on social and tagging the food hero in your life.